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Girl SpeakOut ! Empowering Girls Through Art

 Girl  SpeakOUT day camp is a summer program  designed to empower and build  confidence of young girls. The purpose of Girl SpeakOut Camp is to  motivate and empower young girls on personal development through the  utilization of the arts. Through engaging, and enrichment activities  Girl SpeakOut will help to boost confidence, build self esteem and self  worth, and inspire girls to SpeakOut, and take on an active role in  their schools and communities against all forms of violence. We are  dedicated to inspiring and guiding girls 10-18 to self discover and  develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to consistently  make informed life-choices from a place of self-knowledge, self-respect,  and self worth.  Camp Registration begins March 1st 2020 


Breathe Life Sister Circle (for women 18 and up)

 Monthly  women's dedicated to discussing varies topics self awareness,  empowerment, physical, psychological, financial, parenting,  and sexual  abuse. BLSC Groups are offered in Roxboro, Durham, Raleigh, Fuquay-Varina, Greenville, Charlotte, and Greensboro, NC.  


Breathe Life Teen Circle  (for teens 13-18)

 Monthly  teen group dedicated to engaging teens in  varies topics self  awareness, empowerment, physical, psychological, financial, and sexual  abuse. BLSC Teen Group only offered in Durham at this time. 


Community Outreach

 SUSO-NC  believes in Education + Awareness = Prevention and at SUSO-NC we strive  to provide quality and innovative approaches  to our Community  Outreach Programs through professional development training, outreach  initiatives in school settings, parenting classes, child safety and  prevention resources, and support groups for women and teens.   


Project SpeakOut

 Outreach  initiative offered to elementary, middle, and high schools providing  education and awareness on Teen Dating Violence, Cyberbully, Healthy  Relationships, and Healthy Boundaries (K-5) .Students learn creative  approaches on how to advocate against abuse in their schools and  communities.  The goal of Project SpeakOut is to teach students through  education and awareness how to SpeakOUT when they see violence in their  schools. To request a presentation for your school complete the link here. 


Speak-Out Mentoring Program

 Provides qualified mentors and therapeutic coaches to support child domestic violence victims and  child sexual abuse victims. Coaches provide 1:1 support to  identified youth ages 5-17. Coaches utilizes a holistic strength base approach to assist youth in managing social emotional and maladaptive behaviors as a result of trauma.  Providing a person-centered model to promote self awareness, self regulation, self worth, along with learning healthy decision making, responsibility and accountability. Our goal is to provide hope, healing, and resiliency for youth survivors. 


GIRL SPEAKOUT Year Round Program (Durham County )

 Girls  SpeakOut and The Butterfly Effect Mentoring Program are partnering up this year for the Girls  SpeakOut Year Round Program ages 13 to 18. The Year Round Program will  operate 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM on Tuesdays  at WD Hill  Recreation Center beginning Tuesday January 14th, 2020.   The program  is free and open to girls ages 10-17. Girl SpeakOut is a youth program  offered during the summer and after-school during the school year to  empower and build the confidence of young girls. The purpose of Girl  SpeakOut is to motivate and empower young girls in personal development  through the utilization of the arts. Through engaging and enrichment  activities, Girl SpeakOut will help boost confidence, build self-esteem  and self-worth, as well as inspire girls to SpeakOut and take active  roles in their schools and communities against all forms of violence.  


Girl SpeakOut Year Round Program (Wake County)

 Girl  SpeakOut and Grace AME Zion Church are partnering this year for the  Girl SpeakOut Year Round Program-Raleigh available to girls ages 12-17.  Girl SpeakOut is a youth program offered during the summer and  afterschool to empower and build the confidence of young girls. The  purpose of Girl SpeakOut is to motivate and empower young girls in  personal development through the utilization of the arts. Through  engaging and enrichment activities, Girl SpeakOut will help boost  confidence, build self-esteem and self-worth, as well as inspire girls  to SpeakOut and take active roles in their schools and communities  against all forms of violence.  
The program will operate from 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM on first and third Wednesdays beginning January 15th, 2020 at Grace AME Zion Church located at 1401 Boyer Street, Raleigh, NC 27610.  



 The  EPIC program is a case management service focus on strengthening and  promoting equal and healthy family relations within the home. We provide  confidential support services, safety planning, advocacy, and  self-sufficiency to battered parents with abused and neglected children,  the program successfully promotes safety for parents and children.  


Operation speakout

 Operation  SpeakOut provides Victim Assistance for basic needs  for low income families, specifically families impacted by  domestic violence and sexual abuse. We offering this service during the year and during the Christmas Holiday.  In addition,  we provide opportunities for donors  and supporters to sponsor a family during the Christmas Holidays to support those in need. Refer a family using the referral form below. Our Holiday Giving Program accepts referrals between October 1st-December 1st.  Referrals for basic needs are accepted all year long.  

SUSO-NC Program referral form

  A client’s eligibility to a SUSO program begins with a  referral from one of our partnering agencies. please click the button below to complete the referral form.